Smart Return Unit For Shoes And Clothing

Smart Return Unit For Shoes And Clothing

With the VENMATEC i:counter smart V3 the customer gets a reverse vending machine for used shoes or clothing, which makes the redemption of these products easier and thus íncreases their return rate.

The i:counter smart v3 is a small device that is placed on a collection box. The collection box is placed inside a sturdy base cabinet made out of metal. The applicator includes the electronics, a printing unit, and a display for user guidance.

Each unit also comes equipped with a modem. This makes it possible to globally get statistics, and apply changes and software updates to each individually, thereby eliminating the need for on-site service.

A new device is sent to the customer should it become necessary to repair a unit. The customer can then return the defective unit to VENMATEC by placing the defective unit inside the original carton used for shipping.

The machines are sent to the customer in two separate packages, and the customer assembles the units on-site.